About ToroAire – Company Background

ToroAire was founded in 1977 and currently has seven (7) strategically located branches serving California. Its multimillion-dollar local inventory allows for same day or next day availability for the commercial market of most air distribution equipment needs.

The ToroAire name is synonymous with providing premium air side brands such as: Titus, Twin City Fan, Young Regulator, United Enertech, DuctSox, American Aldes, and many others.

Since our inception, the ToroAire team has focused on the Fans, Dampers, and Air Distribution segment of the market, recognizing that immediate availability of these products was essential to success. For many years now, our inventory of Commercial Grilles, Registers, and Diffusers has been the largest in the industry.

On October 18th, 2022, DMG Corporation consummated the purchase of ToroAire.

ToroAire and DMG Corporation are extremely well aligned from company cultures, expertise, and the steadfast commitment to delivering on promises to our customers.

“Upon closing this acquisition, we will continue to advance our long-term strategy of focusing on providing expanded offerings to our existing customers, while growing our base of potential markets”

As ToroAire joins the DMG Corporation family, we are confident that the incremental add-in product offerings and market segments will result in tremendous value to our collective customers.


About DMG Corporation

DMG Corporation is a regional, independent sales agency for premier HVAC equipment. Founded in 1967 in Los Angeles, DMG currently has nine (9) office locations throughout California, Nevada, and Hawaii, bolstered by a thriving sales and support team with 210+ members.

DMG provides new equipment sales, after market OEM parts outlets, on-site and remote service support, complete control offerings, and a specialized manufacturing division.

Visit: www.dmghvac.com for more information.

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